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Forest shrouded in the mist and silver birches glowing in the moonlight are the subjects of Inam’s exquisite and atmospheric oil paintings which blend colors and textures to mesmerizing effects.

Born and brought up in South Asia, Inam learned the fundamentals of sketching and paintings at a young age. An influential art teacher ensured that he has given a solid technical and creative grounding, and encouraged him to pursue his outstanding talent. Keen to absorb as much of the world as he could, he traveled and attended three very different art schools in London, Istanbul and Atlanta Georgia.

From each of these, he took away something specific, both in terms of inspiration and discipline and they all played an integral role in forming his future style.

Inam now lives in United States. His success has been international and he has invited to exhibit his work in cities ranging from Dubai to Las Vegas. He has also fulfilled many prestigious commissions and his work hangs in mansions, boardrooms, and even on yachts all over the world.

“When an artist’s inner feelings are outwardly expressed, true art is born. A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”

Press Release

Art Business News, one of the most prestigious art magazines in the country, names Inam as one the top 50 emerging artists. Under the heading called “Top 50 Emerging Artists 2012; Counting Down The Artists Of Tomorrow Whose Names You Need To Know Today”, Art Business News (ABN) Magazine –The Art Industry’s News Leader Since 1977 (March/April 2012) – have included Inam’s name as one of the top 50 emerging artists in the country.

“Our editorial team has had the pleasure to meet and hear from hundreds of talented emerging artists the world over, and speak to dozens of art industry’s insiders, who have shared with us their own choices for the accolade. Narrowing the final list down to 50 was no easy task, but we’re thrilled with the final lineup – and cant wait to watch these talented artists’ career grow over the next year and beyond.” Jennifer M. Wood of ABN

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” Inam

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